Our successful, unparalleled response

Changing people’s lives

Our successful, unparalleled response

Changing live forever:

Our support programmes

Our programmes provide a pathway to learn and master essential skills that ultimately lead to a rewarding job and career mainly in the hospitality sector. However, due to the recent pandemic and its impact on the hospitality industry, we are working on expanding our reach to other professional sectors. Currently, our programmes are based at our training restaurant, Brigade Bar+Kitchen, near London Bridge.

1. Breakthrough kitchen [outreach support]

This programme extends to hostels, job centres, prisons, housing associations, and charity partners to encourage future referrals. Participants come and experience something entirely new to them; cooking and eating in a professional training kitchen.

lives impacted

2. Freshlife [engagement]

Freshlife has the broadest set of eligibility criteria, targeting people who demonstrate an interest in food, nutrition, cooking or only the desire to find employment using food as the medium for engagement. Through five days of interactive food experiences and using proven tools such as ‘keys to a freshlife’ or ‘cook up a conversation’, it is designed to inspire and engage vulnerable people with food and to think about looking after themselves.

lives inspired

3. Get stuck in [training]

Aimed at those who show a desire to move on to employment, education, or training. Get stuck in is a three-week programme specifically designed to provide participants with vital support, skills, and knowledge to help become and remain employable. Courses include life-skill cooking, employability classes, introduction to hospitality, barista training, as well as an immersive experience with identified hospitality clients. This programme culminates with an afternoon tea challenge.

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4. United kitchen or Out front [apprenticeship]

This program offers beneficiaries a two-year hospitality service apprenticeship, accessible to those who have completed the previous two programmes and demonstrate a commitment to making a long-term life change. This programme gives access to experts in the field, work experience, and a formal qualification.

apprentices employed

5. Pathfinder [placement]

We work with beneficiaries to find long-term, meaningful careers in hospitality and other industries. Participants who completed Get stuck in successfully are also offered signposting intervention, to help them secure a paid job through partner organisations. They receive support to develop a CV and interview preparation.

secured employment

6. Made again [finding purpose]

Attending Made Again helps individuals to recognise their transferrable skills, identify new opportunities and potentially diversify their career in alternative industries. Aimed at people who have been stuck between being furloughed and out of work. This programme will help unlock the range of skills individuals have, open their minds to different opportunities, and build their confidence to help them find and apply for a job.

* Figures quoted as of November 2020

Other help

There are many sources of support for vulnerable people and through our programmes and partners, we can signpost where the appropriate help may be found.

The Skills Network and Beyond Food are currently working together to offer learners access to nationally recognised qualifications via distance learning courses.