Our successful, unparalleled response

Changing people’s lives

Our successful, unparalleled response

Changing live forever:

Our support programmes

Our mission is to provide life-changing opportunities to individuals whose lives have unravelled, people who need vital support and inspiration to grab hold of their life, regardless of their current or past circumstances. We use food to remove barriers that inhibit individuals from securing financial independence, freedom from isolation, and confidence to build better futures. Food plays a crucial role in helping people to live healthier lives, stand on their own two feet and understand healthy life choices – both physically and mentally.

1. Breakthrough kitchen [outreach support]

This programme extends to hostels, job centres, prisons, housing associations, and charity partners to encourage future referrals. Participants come and experience something entirely new to them; cooking and eating in a professional training kitchen.

lives impacted

2. Freshlife and Beyond The Classroom [engagement and training]

Our Freshlife & BTC programmes are aimed at individuals furthest away from work opportunities, for whatever reasons. These programmes help Individuals, who need support, to focus on their future. Identifying their barriers to progression and understanding how to overcome and manage these. These programmes provide reflection, self-awareness, personal leadership and ownership whilst giving aspiration for long-term change. Promoting career opportunities and ambition to set goals.

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3. Work Experience [skills development]

We offer work experience opportunities across the entire hospitality sector, with many skills being transferable to other industries and career pathways. We tailor opportunities to match the needs and career intentions of individuals. We offer up to 12 weeks of engagement in work experience. Helping to build personal confidence, embed communication skills, understand team collaboration, and take personal responsibility in getting a job and keeping it. Our approach is also helping to address the recruitment needs of the hospitality industry.

skills developed

4. Pathfinder [placement]

Aimed at those actively seeking employment, who need help to navigate the complexities of finding jobs, filling in application forms, and updating CV’s. We support individuals to search online for jobs, guide them through the process of applying for live vacancies and make positive introductions to appropriate partners. We review transferable skills and identify work opportunities that
individuals may not have previously considered. We host mock interviews and provide feedback to individuals on performance. We also talk about personal
hygiene, clothing, and appearance.

secured employment

5. Made again [finding purpose]

Attending Made Again helps individuals to recognise their transferrable skills, identify new opportunities and potentially diversify their career in alternative industries. Aimed at people who have been stuck between being furloughed and out of work. This programme will help unlock the range of skills individuals have, open their minds to different opportunities, and build their confidence to help them find and apply for a job.

Other help

There are many sources of support for vulnerable people and through our programmes and partners, we can signpost where the appropriate help may be found.

The Skills Network and Beyond Food are currently working together to offer learners access to nationally recognised qualifications via distance learning courses.