Our Story

Who are we?

We are a charity providing training and support to people who have been impacted by homelessness and/or are at risk of homelessness. Our programmes are focused on getting people into fulfilling and meaningful employment thus breaking the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and poverty.

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What we do!

Our solution is based around simple, good food. Cooking it and serving it. At Beyond Food we aim to inspire people to begin the process of developing skills and attitudes that can become the foundation for their work and life for the future. We bring freshly cooked food into the lives of vulnerable people as it plays a crucial role in helping them stand on their own two feet. It helps them live healthier lives. Learning the basics of cooking equips them with building blocks to create lives full of purpose. Good food, kitchen skills and harnessing a sense of vitality lays the groundwork towards helping them contribute and belong in society.

Who do we help?

At Beyond Food, we are immensely proud to play a key role in supporting and educating vulnerable adults across all London boroughs who have been at risk of or have experienced homelessness to enable them gaining meaningful employment. Each year, we support over 100 people through our programmes. Our beneficiaries have multiple and complex barriers to overcome, including health problems, addictions, lack of housing and dependency on benefits. Most of these practical difficulties are exacerbated by low self-esteem, lack of confidence and lack of hope, opportunity and purpose. Beyond Food has devised innovative programmes as a sustainable way to make a real and lasting difference to our beneficiaries’ lives.

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The Beyond Food team

Find out more about the people behind the Beyond Food Foundation.

Simon Boyle

Chef Founder

Simon is the vision behind the BFF and Brigade Bar & Kitchen. Since 2004, Simon has worked tirelessly to help homeless people across London to rebuild their lives, imparting his passion, skills and knowledge of cooking and food.

Leon Seraphin

Chef Trainer

Leon started as an apprentice himself, back in 2004, before progressing his career becoming a Head Chef in a professional kitchen. Leon is responsible for all aspects of training the apprentices and delivering our 6- week Fresh-life programme.

Maddy Edwards

Fundraising Manager

Maddy has worked and volunteered in the charity sector for a few years, after a career in business analysis. Maddy is responsible for creating and progressing a funding strategy that attracts the finance needed to support all aspects of the charity.

Sharon MacCool

Finance & Compliance Manager

Sharon looks after the governance around the charity finances and prepares financial reports for the Community Interest Company Board.

Vicky Jones

Support & Progression Manager

A big part of Vicky’s day-to-day role is working with the apprentices, helping them sort out benefits, housing issues and work placements whilst helping them to challenge a negative mind-set and overcoming person issues and psychological barriers.

Deirdre Smith

Resilience Coach

With a background in counselling, Diedre volunteers one day a week at Beyond Food, listening and giving time to those apprentices who might need support and encouragement during their training year.

Jan Seymour

Support & Progression Team

Jan provides support and guidance on housing, benefits, debt recovery and family issues so that our apprentices can overcome some barriers they may be facing and rebuild their confidence for future employment.