Made Again: Take Control

Are you stuck between being furloughed and potentially out of work?

With an estimated 900,000 hospitality workers facing potential redundancy over the coming months, taking control of your future is more important than ever. Our free programme has been created to help you:

  • unlock your full range of skills (even the skills you forgot you had);
  • open your mind to opportunities (what’s possible in the current environment);
  • build a new network (you don’t need to do this alone); and
  • build your confidence (you got this!) to find work in these unusual times.

These days seem so unpredictable, however what is in your control is how you lean in to the challenges ahead, take proactive steps to set yourself apart in what will be an incredibly competitive jobs market, and have a community of like minded people with you, supporting you all the way.

FEE FREE: due to the fundraising efforts of the Made Again team, our programme is 100% free for participants.

Here's what previous participants had to say:

"I wanted to put myself back out there because I felt my confidence had been knocked just sitting at home. And I'm so glad I did." Annie, August 2020

"It's given me a new lease of life. You realise you were doing a lot more techniques, and have a lot more skills than you thought you did." Chris, August 2020

"For me it was a real wake up call to identify what other opportunities are out there for the skills set that I already have." Joanne, August 2020.

• 100% said they would recommend Made Again to a colleague or friend
• 89% said the course helped them re-evaluate their skill set
• 89% said they now have better online communication skills
• 78% said they felt more motivated and confident

Most of us don’t appreciate just how good we are. This is your chance to find out!

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Made Again is a series of online interactive workshops designed to help people in all areas of the hospitality industry who have found themselves facing an uncertain future.

The three x 3-hour workshops form the course and are only available to a maximum of 20 participants ensuring each participant receives optimal time with our team of expert coaches.

Made Again has been created by chef and social entrepreneur, Simon Boyle (Beyond Food), and the coaching expert, Alastair Creamer (Eyes Wide Opened) and is delivered by a team of top life skills coaches.

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