Tackling homelessness with hampers:

Make a difference this Christmas

We have collaborated with Crème Conferences to launch a range of Hamper Experiences so you may party with purpose during an exclusive virtual cocktail and or cook-along experience.

For each hamper sold a donation is made to support our work at Beyond Food Foundation. This donation will go towards helping our apprentices, continuing our Covid 19 recovery programme, and extend our Made Again programme. Made Again is designed for those working in the hospitality and events industry who face unemployment post-Covid 19.

“Why not turn your Christmas event into one with purpose? By purchasing our Christmas with Purpose hampers for 50 guests, you would support a whole course of 20 Made Again participants. What better gift to give someone in need this Christmas than the confidence and skills to find work in these uncertain times”. Thanks for your continued support, Simon Boyle.

For more information about these Hampers or creating tailormade hampers of your choice, please call Katie on 07888 686912 or email katie@cremeconferences.com

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Previous live virtual cooking masterclass

See the video for an example of one of our previous live virtual cooking masterclasses and what you will get to be a part of if you purchase the 'Christmas with Purpose' hamper...

Beyond Covid | Documentary Film

By purchasing one of our hampers you are helping to make a difference to the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. See the video below to see how your money will help...

Beyond Covid is a collaboration project in which we have partnered with Beyond Food Foundation and the Film Director, David Baksh to help spread awareness about Beyond Food’s programmes and their mission to support vulnerable people in creating lives full of purpose.

Contact us about your Hamper with Purpose

For more information about these Hampers or creating tailormade hampers of your choice please call Katie on 07888 686 912 or complete the form below.