Get a Freshlife for someone who feels stuck or lost in life.

We’re seeking people to join us from November 14th to December 2nd for a series of life-changing interactive workshops that use food to motivate and inspire people whose lives have unravelled, people who need vital support and inspiration to grab hold of their life, regardless of their current or past circumstances.

Spark your imagination

Over the three weeks you’ll enjoy engaging training sessions, cooking mouth-watering dishes, working as part of a team and hearing about progressive opportunities.

  • workshops
  • learn new skills
  • eat good food
  • build confidence
  • find a purpose
  • change your life

If you are invested in referring someone on this free Freshlife course or a later one please complete the quick enquiry form below, send us an email or call Jan (07483 365 337) or Joanne (07483 365 106).

Link to application form

A fantastic week of inspiration and motivation (10 am – 3 pm)

Monday – Day 1

  • Get here
  • Get involved
  • Get motivated

Tuesday – Day 2

  • Start cooking
  • Start working as a team
  • Start moving forward

Wednesday – Day 3

  • Sharing stories
  • Sharing inspiration
  • Sharing what we know

Thursday – Day 4

  • Experience the unique
  • Experience an inspiration project
  • Experience passion

Friday – Day 5

  • Celebrate the week
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Celebrate what comes next…

Future Freshlife events

November 14th – December 2nd 2022

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